The first weekend and some overall thoughts

Today I thought about writing about the whole weekend, since it was, in my opinion, not enough to fill one whole article with one day. Thus I’ll start with Saturday, where we were at the St. George’s Market. It is, as the name already says, a rather big market where you can buy fresh made food, some art or jewellery and even meat that is brought fresh from the local farms. The whole market is in a big open building sou you can walk around rather freely.

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The Weekend

My weekend was really good but I had a to struggle with coughing for like 3 days, so I spend my weekend at home only on Saturday I was in the city with a friend to get a Coffee.
But I also had some work to do at Saturday, at 1pm some guy knocked on my door called Harry.
A first I thought some of our house mates knocked on or door but it was a craftsman because René and I wrote an e-mail to the Helpline from Intern Europe about a damaged closet and a commode.

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St. Georg’s Market

This was our first weekend and we decided to visit the St. Georg’s Market. Built between 1890 and 1896, it is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions. Market stalls sell a diverse range of products from fish, to antiques and fresh fruit. We planned to get there at one o’ clock AM. Some colleagues at CAPITA told me some musts to see there. My supervisor owns a stand and sells tea. When we arrived at the „St. Georg’s Market“ weiterlesen