Day 1 01.04.2018 Sunday


Welcome to Belfast!


My name is Son Pham Duy, i am 23 years old and this is my blog about my work experience/ internship(during my Apprenticeship as Information Technology Specialist – Specialising in System Integration)  in Belfast, Ireland. I am going to live and work here for 8 weeks. During this time i am going to write down my impressions and experiences for you.

The journey began with complications: The airplane was supposed to take off from Berlin Schönefeld at 11:40 am. But because off technical issues (the fuel had to be refilled) my flight was delayed about 1-2 hours. The flight itself went smoothly and took a bit more than 2 hours. Luckily i’ve been seated next to a window. The sky was very beautiful to look at.

The time difference between Berlin and Belfast is 1 hour. So we had to adjust our watches as soon as we had landed.

After we arrived at the belfast international airport we took a bus to belfast city and from there our organizing agency (intern europe) took care of us.

They took us, me and my roommate Giang, to our accomodation, which we share with five or six more people. We still have to meet most of them.

The first impression i had from our room was: it is a little bit tiny. It barely fits the two beds and the cupboards.

Thankfully our Agency left us some towels and food for the first days. So we only had to buy some water. Since most shops were closed (because off easter sunday) we went to tesco express. It is a smaller version of the tesco stores, but they are opened 24/7.

Afterwards one of our companions visited us and we cooked together.

Finally we went to a nearby pub. Or better: we tried. We went inside, went back outside and wanted to return after a few seconds, but they didn’t let us. We are still not sure why though.


So that was my first day at belfast. I think i am going to need some time to get used to it.