Catch a cold | Begin of Project 2

Day 25&26 25 – 26.04.2018 Wednesday&Thursday



On Wednesday I refined my PowerShell script because I didn’t like the format of the file size. It displayed everything in KB and if the file size was huge the number was very huge too so that it was difficult to read if you were trying to analyze the data. Today my department manager gave me the new preparations for the second project. Instead of redesigning an old network I had to design a new one for a new site while the old site is still operating. „Catch a cold | Begin of Project 2“ weiterlesen

Our Trip to the Giants Causeway

On saturday we met at 9:30 pm at the intern europe office and went to the Bus which would take us on our tour to the Giants Causeway, the Sheep Island, and the Dark Forrest where they filmed a scene of Game of Thrones. Luckily the weather that day was great so we werent bothered by rain. The view at the Giants Causeway was wonderfull sadly we had only 1 and a half hour but we still got some good pictures. After the Giants Causeway we drove to the sheep island where some us paid 8£ to walk over a bridge and came back after 10 minutes, ridicioulus… Later we drove to the Dark „Forrest“ where they filmed a scene of GoT and had a picture with the whole group. After we arrived home we got us some food and beer and went to some other germans which we had met before. It was a very good evening considering i cant remember how i got home.