Natural History Museum of Belfast and Afternoon Tea

Today is Sunday and the weather is good. What could be better than going to a museum? Honestly, certainly, but I Am looking forward. On time at 8:30 am we met at the Ulster Museum, which is placed in the Botanical Garden. From the outside, the building looked relatively old, but it was modern inside designed. „Natural History Museum of Belfast and Afternoon Tea“ weiterlesen

Ulster museum and drinking tee

Day 22 22.04.2018 Sunday


At sunday the 22nd of April we visited the Ulster National Museum. The Ulster Museum tells the unique human story of this part of Ireland and their collections have a variety of topics like art, history and natural science. The admission to the museum is free but you can donate money to support them. I think that a visit at the museum is definitely worth 5 – 10 pounds because you can see a lot of cool stuff in there. Visitors have access to 3 floors with exhibitions. „Ulster museum and drinking tee“ weiterlesen

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

(quote from Henry James)

22nd of April in 2018:

Sunday is usually for having a good night’s rest. I get up at half-past nine, because of my alarm. Today I intended to visit Ulster Museum, which locates next to the Botanic Gardens, at eleven a.m. with Dome, Son, Phi, Jenny and Giuliano.

„“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”“ weiterlesen

Sunshine, ice cream and parks

Friday 20th of April in 2018 I did homework again , because I had to fix the problem with the webserver. But I could not found the error. After 3 hours for searching the erorr I decided to do install the webserver by new. I was happy about my dokumentation from the website so I could did the same. I had worked through until 5pm o’clock withour break. As I was done with the website I went to a liquid shop to by new liquid for my e-cigarette and the man ins this shop sayed to me that my english is well and he had no idea that I´m from a diffrent country.He thinked that I comes from here.

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Be a hero!

On Tuesday the 17th of April in 2018 my feeling was not better. I did homework. I worked with „WordPress“ and installed a lot plugins for the look. For some plugins I needed a tutorial because they had a lot functions. For the lunch I ate a canned soup with tomato flavour. After my lunch I continue my work until 5pm. After my work I was reminded that we wanted to got to the cinema to watch „ready player one“. The movie is about a worl where evryone play in virtual  world with a suit and the suit function is that you can feel evry touch in the game. After the inventor died sayed the inventor he was hidding an easter egg before he died. And from this moment was evryone searching for this easter egg and it is about life and death. I liked this movie and the english was easy to understand. But I had one problem I forgott my nasal spray and dont could breathe through the nose.

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