Ramen Dinner

Day 20 20.04.2018 Friday


I don’t know if this is normal in Ireland, but our radiator was still on all night long. The weather yesterday/today was already so hot that I couldn’t wear more than a shirt and shorts. And it was still to hot for me. Because of the weather and the radiator (which we can’t switch off) it was like a sauna in my room this night. I don’t understand why we can’t adjust the timer or the radiator ourselves.I woke up very often this night because of the heat.

At the office I prepared some Wap for the site which is going to get redesigned next week. They need a hostname, an image and a label as well as to register themselves in our system. After that my department manager showed me some settings at cisco prime. „Ramen Dinner“ weiterlesen

„All the flowers of all tomorrows are in the seeds of today.“

(Chinese proverb)

20th of April in 2018:

A busy week at work is over, and I had a lot to do. But I don’t mind. I get a lot of benefits. I remember all names of my colleagues (32 persons within this week but it was nothing comparing to the 45 names, which I memorise at my first work), get to know them better, get some information about IT employment market and received some excellent tips for my Belfast stay.
I also have to say, that three days in follow, there wasn’t any raindrop or similar. Sadly, I started to enjoy the rain here.

„„All the flowers of all tomorrows are in the seeds of today.““ weiterlesen

To the dentist and enjoying the sunshine

First, I just wanted to say that all the pain on my body, through my first fitness exercise on monday, has finally disappeared today. On the way to work, I looked up into the sky and saw that it was very nice weather and the sun was smiling. Arrived at work I was greeted very friendly by Keith. Like me Keith was in a really good mood because of the good weather. „To the dentist and enjoying the sunshine“ weiterlesen

Work work work work work!

On Wednesday the 11th of April in 2018 I started my day with Cornflakes and after my breakfast I gone to the work. I have to do a new layout for the website about „WordPress“ I searched for a good theme and found one. The first step for the new layout is to do the front page and this sould be a „one-single-page“. After my work I gone at home.On the way at home I met Dominik and Phi in the „Tesco Express“ and they told me they want eat to the dinner German pork steak with breading with potatos and „sauce hollandaise“.In German we call this „Schnitzel“. But the problem was I never cooked before „sauce hollandaise“ by myself. But at the end the sauce tasted good.

„Work work work work work!“ weiterlesen

Boring start of the week

On monday and tuesday there was basically nothing to do at work so I learned for school and started planning a weekend where some friends from germany are coming, which is quite hard since most hotels in Belfast are very expensive. On both days after work i went to the gym first and then met with other interns at a pub for a snack and some beers and as the weather is quite nice already we spend the evening outside.

Pubs Pubs Pubs

As the Title implies I had a great second weekend at the pubs. After i finished work on friday I went to the gym before we met at the Laverys at 9 pm. We went there for some games of pool and later went to the Cuckoo for some good music. We met some girls from austria which we met first at the Quiz Night and had a funny evening. On saturday i spent quite much time in my room watching tv shows before i chilled with some of our flat mates. At the evening i went with some food and beer to Steven and Leons flat and we chilled there a few hours before we went to the Cuckoo again where we met Domenik and the rest who just came from the Escape Room and had some beers with them. We stazed at the Cuckoo the whole evening and played many rounds of air hockey. On sunday i had a huge hangover and just went outside to get some food and drinks, it was a great weekend.