The new network for a site | End of project 1

Day 23&24 23-24.04.2018 Monday&Tuesday



On Monday I checked my powershell script again to improve it. During the morning we defined new dhcp network scopes because we were going to install some new network components for the first project today. So we had to redesign the network of an already existing branch. I also verified the configs for the new components to make sure that the installation was going to be fluently as much as possible. The associates had to work with them the next day again, so we have to make sure that none of them had any issues and wouldn’t interfere with the work of them. „The new network for a site | End of project 1“ weiterlesen

Afternoon tea

At Sunday the 22th of April in 2018 we meet us at 11pm on the Ulster museum. I saw in the museum culture, nature and art. The entrance was free in this museum. After the museum we gone together to the „Patisserie Valerie“ for our afternoon tea. It taste really good but after the that I was so full.

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