„The cinema has no boundary; it is a ribbon of dream.“

(quote from Orson Welles)

Monday 16th of April in 2018:

Like every day I start work at 9 a.m., my task for the following days is to collect pc issues. I got the chance to talk to nearly every member and get to know their names again. I think I can remember a lot of names now. It was easier at my first job because everyone had a name badge *grin*.
Jakob, Tim, Son and me had dinner outside. I wanted to have Fish and Chips‘ again because I enjoyed it much. I had at ‚Black Country Living Museum‘ in Dudley seven years ago. Sadly, today I didn’t bring enough money to buy one portion. Alternatively, I decided to have Texan Chips. This dish contains chips, Chilli con Carne and cheese.

„„The cinema has no boundary; it is a ribbon of dream.““ weiterlesen

Visit the cinema

Day by day I am getting more and more used to living here in Belfast, and my everyday life is getting more structured again. Since I discovered an offer at Tesco called „Meal Deal“, which includes a main course (for example, Sandwiches or Noodle salad), a drink and a dessert for £3. That’s why I usually go shopping before going to work. „Visit the cinema“ weiterlesen

Movie night at the Movie House

Today I had muesli for breakfast for the first time, because I wanted to change my eating habit from this week on and want to pay more attention to my body. Yesterday I started doing fitness exercises at home and overdid it a bit. My whole body still hurts after getting up. After I finished eating, I went straight to work. All I can say is a 30 minute walk plus pain all over the body is the perfect early morning combination. „Movie night at the Movie House“ weiterlesen

Movie night at movie house

Day 16&17 16-17.04.2018 Monday&Tuesday


Today my department manager arrived later at work because at Sunday there was a network incident. Some USP didn’t work right. So some services shut down because they don’t had enough power. He was very busy till 13:00 p.m. I used the time to do some research about the cisco asa firewall configuration with which he provided me. After 1 hour I realised that he will arrive a little bit later then I thought. So I asked one of the associates to call and ask him, if I could upgrade more cisco asa (firewalls), because it would better to do get more work done in advance. It would be beneficial to finish the firewalls as soon as possible, so that we could deploy them faster, in case we need them because of an incident or something. „Movie night at movie house“ weiterlesen