„The limit of my language are the limits of my world“

(quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein)

6th of April in 2018:

First of all, everyone knows the rainy weather in Belfast. But yesterday was the first sunshine since I have arrived here. Let me share this moment with you:

the first sunshine after I arrived here

„„The limit of my language are the limits of my world““ weiterlesen

Friday and Food

Today I continued to work on the marketing of Amazon products. However, I did not much work because I had to leave earlier due to the Interneurope meeting. Since almost everyone was very reserved at the meeting, this was already finished after a short time.


After that we decided to have dinner together. We split into small groups to prepare for the evening. Giang, Jenny, Son and Tim went shopping, Robert and Guiliano got card games and Phi and I went home and cleaned up. We decided to do summer roles. After spending several hours preparing we could finally eat. I have never eaten summer rolls before, but they were delicious!


After dinner we first played the card game „Der Große Dalmuti“ and then until late in the evening UNO and “Tabletop Simulator”.


Sommer rolles