Today is my birthday

Today is Friday, the 13th of April. This is a very special day for me because I was born exactly 20 years ago.

Even before the day even started, I got the first congratulations and punctually at 0:00 clock I was called by Son and Giang, which also congratulate me.

After sleeping for a few more hours, Jenny, which prepared a whole plate of pancakes for me, woke me up in the morning. After I had eaten some pancakes, I went to the workplace. There I got to know a new employee, whom I had not seen before, and then I was allowed to go home again at 2 pm. „Today is my birthday“ weiterlesen

Dominiks Birthday

Day 13 13.04.2018 Friday


At work my task was to upgrade several “cisco Asa (Asa,ASDM,Firepower)” with the help of “Xlight a ftp server” for upcoming projects. Before that I had to look at the configuration which i had to apply yesterday because there were a few problems which I had to troubleshoot first, before I could finish it now. While the asa updates got installed, Richard showed me how he troubleshoots a network problem. He teached me a little bit about “Wireshark”(a network sniffer/ analyser program). It’s pretty cool that you can filter everything out, what you want to analyse. On this day I worked most of the time alone, to upgrade the Cisco Asa and troubleshoot network problems. Some problems really gave me a headache because they weren’t as straightforward as I thought. So I had to look up a lot of things to gain more knowledge to solve them. About some things I also had to ask Richard. He explained to me the ways it works. „Dominiks Birthday“ weiterlesen

Quiz Night with Intern Europe

My second week in belfast started great the weather is getting slightly better and I’am getting used to the food. On tuesday i started work a little earlier so I would have time to go to the gym before our Quiz Night with Intern Europe starts. The gym isnt as big as I hoped it would be but that will be enough for 2 months. When i came home at 6 pm i had to be quite fast because I wanted to get to the Parlour for the Quiz Night in time. We were put into groups with other people but they were mostly germans also, it was a funny evening so we decided to stay a little longer till around 1 am in the morning which I instantly regretted after I woke up.

It was a nice evening and I’d like to thank Intern Europe for it