Dominik’s birthday party Part II

Today I got up much earlier than usual because Giang, Lord Dome, Son and I wanted to buy ingredients at an asia shop. We wanted to continue to celebrate Lord Dome’s birthday. We all met at 10 am at the asia shop and spent almost 2 hours there. Giang wanted to cook a lot of dishes for us all today and bake a birthday brownie for Lord Dome. „Dominik’s birthday party Part II“ weiterlesen

„If you want to escape, you have to defeat the king.“

(quote from Son, one of my afib classmates)

13th of April in 2018:

First of all, I want to make clear that the jokes about King Dome and his afib domain are just for fun. And they based on a story, which occurred one year ago. I don’t want to embarrass Dominik. He is a great and talented guy.
By the way, Happy Birthday Dome, I wish you all the best, and please stay the way you are.

„„If you want to escape, you have to defeat the king.““ weiterlesen

The Preacher Escape room

Day 14 14.04.2018 Saturday


At the morning me and Giang visited the botanic garden. In the botanic garden you can go into a house with a lot of different plants. The garden is very clean. Visitors with dogs have to clean up after them. The place has also a large green area to chill at. If you ever live near to the Queen’s University area then you should visit it if you want to do some sports. It’s really good for some jogging or to get a bit of fresh air at a very quiet place. But it closes at sunset so make sure to get there early enough. „The Preacher Escape room“ weiterlesen

Food and the Preacher

Today the 2nd part of my birthday party started early compared to my usual Saturdays since I’ve been here. I had to get up to meet Son and Giang at the Asia supermarket because we need to buy some groceries for today’s planned lunch/dinner. They had a lot in their minds. Of course, I didn’t have to suffer alone that’s why I took Phi with me. He is also a late riser like me.

The Asia market isn’t far away from my accommodation. It was refreshing to go for a walk in the morning. The shop is a vast hall, where one side, they store the products in large amounts, and on the other side of the building, they sell the products there. I helped them with finding the needed ingredients. Sometimes it was confusing because to have five different sorts of wheat noodles. Or some staff members don’t understand what we wanted to buy. „Food and the Preacher“ weiterlesen