Day 2 02.04.2018 Monday


Welcome back to my journey,

At the beginning of the day me and Giang did some sports to wake up.

Today it was raining the whole day but we went to tesco supermarket to get all other important household items. The supermarket got a larger range of shopping goods and it’s like 15-20% cheaper than tesco express. In the supermarket you will find a lot of discount offers for example “any 3 goods for 2 pounds”. Tesco stores are as big as the “Real” or “Kaufland” stores in Germany. After we got everything for our home we went with a companion to discover all of our work placements.

Luckily it takes only a 20 minutes walk from my accomodation to get to my work placement at Agnewcars. Since we’ve walked to each work placement we spend a lot of time to get everywhere. For example it takes 35 minutes to get from Tims work placement to mine. In the afternoon i visited Tim at his house to have a look at his room. We decided to have a dinner at the place of Jenny, Domenik and Phi. Our group [Giang, Tim and me] ordered a taxi to get there. We cooked together at their apartment and shared our experiences with each other. The dinner was very delicious and the evening was very entertaining. We’ve also played a card game named “Uno”. At the end of the day we tried to order a taxi to get back home but no taxi was available. So we had to walk 30 minutes to get home. I don’t know why it was so hard to get a taxi…maybe because it has been to late or because of the holiday. It was a very exhausting day.


ps: internal joke: Tim never got rid of his last uno card.