St. Georges Market

Day 8  08.04.2018 Sunday


On sunday we visited the “St. George’s Market”. At this market you will find a lot of different traders which sell different products. It is very entertaining to be in there. It is different to every other market I’ve visited before, because they had a live performance as a background music. We tested some curry, and some sweet goods. Some artists sold very beautiful paintings.
I wasn’t sure if i could take a picture of it. Probably not, so I didn’t. At the end of the visit I had a pullet beef burger with a special self made chilli sauce. I think it was one of the best pulled beef burger I ever had.

Nearby to the market you can find the Lagan river. It was a very beautiful sunny and warm day. I enjoyed it pretty much because it was the first day without any rain or clouds since we arrived.

We went back to the city center because i wanted to buy some clothes. On our way we passed a “Monster Energy Drink” giveaway. It was lucky for me because I was thirsty and so I didn’t had to buy a drink. The drink wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t buy it myself.

For the rest of the day we stayed at our homes to prepare ourselves for the next working day. We did some laundry, got a shower and cooled down from the first week.