Movie night at movie house

Day 16&17 16-17.04.2018 Monday&Tuesday


Today my department manager arrived later at work because at Sunday there was a network incident. Some USP didn’t work right. So some services shut down because they don’t had enough power. He was very busy till 13:00 p.m. I used the time to do some research about the cisco asa firewall configuration with which he provided me. After 1 hour I realised that he will arrive a little bit later then I thought. So I asked one of the associates to call and ask him, if I could upgrade more cisco asa (firewalls), because it would better to do get more work done in advance. It would be beneficial to finish the firewalls as soon as possible, so that we could deploy them faster, in case we need them because of an incident or something.

After the manager arrived, he answered all my question which I gathered during my selfstudy. He also explained to me some more details and the reason why he came so late [because of the incident at sunday]. He showed me some SQL Server deployment.

The associates asked me a lot about the things I’ve been already doing in Belfast, which surprised. They were very curious and really interested in my adventure at the Escape room game. None of them visited it before because they didn’t knew that Belfast had something like this.

At the evening I ate together with Giang, Tim and Jakob. We had a chili cheese hotdog with chili cheese fries.


On Tuesday my department manager didn’t came to the office because there were issues in another site which he had to troubleshoot. I just noticed it because my supervisor said he had a meeting with him at another site and I’ve got some notifications that some services didn’t run well. I used the time to get a look at the asdm (Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager) gui (graphic user interface) action  to see which commands i it will be executed in the CLI  (command line). After I’ve realised that my department manager wouldn’t come today I asked an associate if he had any tasks for me. He gave me a powershell code which I had to expand. It was a very long code of 1300 rows . It took me a while to understand this code because it was very long and contained many new things which I didn’t knew.

While I was coding Jakob asked me, if I could help him to analyse a problem.

At night I went to a cinema because of a special offer. Every Tuesday you can buy a ticket for just 3,50 pounds. We watched the thriller / fantasyfilm “Ready Player One”. Of course the whole movie was in English and didn’t had any subtitles. But in the movie they used very simple English so I was able to understand everything without any problems. The movie was very good, I can recommend it.

After the cinema we walked through the city to find something to eat. Unlucky for us everything in Belfast had closed at 21:00. It’s not like in Berlin where you can still get something to eat at any time of the day or night. Originally wanted to eat at KFC but because of the closing time, the only option left was McDonalds.

I hope that I’ll get to experience more cultural stuff soon.