The new network for a site | End of project 1

Day 23&24 23-24.04.2018 Monday&Tuesday



On Monday I checked my powershell script again to improve it. During the morning we defined new dhcp network scopes because we were going to install some new network components for the first project today. So we had to redesign the network of an already existing branch. I also verified the configs for the new components to make sure that the installation was going to be fluently as much as possible. The associates had to work with them the next day again, so we have to make sure that none of them had any issues and wouldn’t interfere with the work of them.

In the evening we had to wait till the builders installed the access points and swapped the old ones with the new ones. We observed the building process to make sure that everything was installed in the right places and plugged into the right ethernet lan ports so that we could continue our network work afterwards without any problems. Because if an access point is plugged into an aux port instead of the poe (power over ethernet) port it wouldn’t boot up.

The work took longer than expected, so we had to head back to our office to grab our stuff from the office so it wouldn’t get locked up. Luckily we only need 4 minutes to get there.

After we’ve installed the new network devices we verified that everything worked. If not we had to create some firewall rules to let the network pass. We also had to make sure that each port was in the right virtual network (vlan) so every device could only talk to the devices which were in the same virtual group. The electrician had some problems with the external ap (which should be installed) was higher than they thought so they had to drill some holes for the antennas. This working day was a very taff one because I was there from 9 in the morning till 9 in the evening to make sure that everything was working. The redesign of the network had to take place outside of the core working times so it wouldn’t interfere with the work of the department.

Lucky for me Giang and Tim already prepared dinner when I arrived at home.

At the beginning of this week I’ve noticed that we [afib] had no more available free space for our blogs so I will upload this blog without any pictures first till we get some more space. So this was the end of the first project at my company. I hope that the second project will start soon.

At the next day I did some improvements on the server powershell script which I’ve got from Paul 1 week ago. The network department wasn’t at the office today because there were some issues with some servers on another site. So I asked Paul to get another task to work at for him. He told me to reroll his tech pc for him. This pc is used to test some settings first before rolling them out to all pc’s (if his test would succeed). During this day I worked mainly on powershell since my department manager didn’t show up.

In the evening something strange happened in our kitchen. Usually the other tenants from our house wouldn’t cook at the same time as we did. But today the kitchen was filled with 7 people. It was very tight and hectic but kinda funny to see the kitchen so filled.