Catch a cold | Begin of Project 2

Day 25&26 25 – 26.04.2018 Wednesday&Thursday



On Wednesday I refined my PowerShell script because I didn’t like the format of the file size. It displayed everything in KB and if the file size was huge the number was very huge too so that it was difficult to read if you were trying to analyze the data. Today my department manager gave me the new preparations for the second project. Instead of redesigning an old network I had to design a new one for a new site while the old site is still operating.

So I took the old devices from my first project and upgraded them again (firewall and switches). I looked at the current configurations to see what I would have to be aware of while applying the new configuration. Unfortunately, one of the old devices from project 1 died and didn’t boot up again. So I had to take a new one to replace it.

My department manager had to leave the office early this day because he had a meeting with my supervisor at another site to discuss some changes. Luckily he gave me the instruction to extend the network group/ objects/ rules for the new configurations.

I think I’ve caught a cold. I hope it won’t interfere with my work and my experience at the company.

On Thursday I’ve changed the IP range in the new configurations for the devices and also marked the old legacy brand routes which could still be used. After applying some configurations to the new network devices I’ve labeled them so everyone knew the purpose of each device. I and my department manager tried to look for a specific device. But since it was older than the time my department manager was already working there, we neither knew the name nor the IP- or mac address. We only had the switchport so we used arp and the mac address table to find the information which we needed. Meanwhile, he explained to me the conflict he had to solve yesterday to inform me. After our research, another technician told me that he was going to test my Powershell script for the servers and that he would tell me the next day if it worked.

I have to apologize for this short blog entry but sadly I’ve caught a cold and it was very taff for me to stay at work today.