Visit the cinema

Day by day I am getting more and more used to living here in Belfast, and my everyday life is getting more structured again. Since I discovered an offer at Tesco called „Meal Deal“, which includes a main course (for example, Sandwiches or Noodle salad), a drink and a dessert for £3. That’s why I usually go shopping before going to work.

At work, I’m busy designing the new website, both on the frontend and the backend. To save time, I already use predefined templates and plugins, which provide most of the functions I need. Unfortunately, not all plugins are entirely compatible with each other, which means that I have to put my hand to the PHP code myself.


Since Jenny had invited me to the cinema,in the afternoon we went together with Giang, Son and Phi to the cinema to watch the movie „Ready Player One“. The film took place in a sci-fi genre, which was all about the Virtual World OASIS. Since I am already very interested in the topic Virtual Worlds, I found the film very entertaining.

After the movie, we ate a snack and then went home.