Food and the Preacher

Today the 2nd part of my birthday party started early compared to my usual Saturdays since I’ve been here. I had to get up to meet Son and Giang at the Asia supermarket because we need to buy some groceries for today’s planned lunch/dinner. They had a lot in their minds. Of course, I didn’t have to suffer alone that’s why I took Phi with me. He is also a late riser like me.

The Asia market isn’t far away from my accommodation. It was refreshing to go for a walk in the morning. The shop is a vast hall, where one side, they store the products in large amounts, and on the other side of the building, they sell the products there. I helped them with finding the needed ingredients. Sometimes it was confusing because to have five different sorts of wheat noodles. Or some staff members don’t understand what we wanted to buy.

We spent a lot of time in the shop, and it was quite fascinating how many different kinds of products they are selling. Some of them I’ve never seen them before.


Asia shop buying some ingredients


Giang and Phi, which were the cooks for this day, threw together a lot of meals, i.e. Mapo Tofu, Tempura (fried battered vegetables and chicken), noodle soup and of course, my favourite brownies!

At first, I played Age of Empires II with Son on my laptop during Giang and Phi were cooking (Son beat me thoroughly. I want to have revenge!). But then, my conscience came to my mind, I tried to help them with preparing dinner. I got the honourable task to wash the mushrooms.

Because of my limited cooking skills, I failed to fulfil my duty, which was quite significant. Usually, you have to speckle the dirt with a tissue away. But I washed them under flowing water and gave them Giang. She battered them, and Phi had to fry them. Maybe you can imagine what will happen next. The result was a lot of small mushroom bombs, which were going to explode during deep-frying process.

Sorry, Phi .__.

After having a big dinner, where we have plenty left again even every one of us was full until we could roll, the next highlight was ‚The Escape Room‘. By the way, the food was quite delicious like always, a big thanks to our cooks.


Escape Room


The Escape Room’s theme was ‚The Preacher‘. A famous killer called ‚The Preacher‘ kidnapped and captured us. At the beginning of this game Giang, Jenny, Phi, Son, Tim and I were locked in a room. We aimed to escape from the room within 60 minutes by solving tricky tasks and puzzles. The first room was very dark, where our group were handcuffed to the wall  … however, I don’t want to tell anymore if somebody wants to try this escape room as well. Unfortunately our skills and talents weren’t enough to finish the game, but still, we enjoyed it a lot. In the late evening, we decided to go to Cuckoo, which is a known bar in Belfast. The bar is unique. You ask why? At the entry, I played Paper, Scissors, Stone about the admissions with a staff member there. Either win the game or pay £3. Sadly, fortune left me before; I had to pay the fee. But it doesn’t irritate me. I think it is great to offer such a possibility to the guests. Another speciality about Cuckoo was the many arcade games. This visit was the first time, where I have been in a bar. Nevertheless, the experience was quite enjoyable. Most of the time I played games, i.e. Air hockey, Mario Kart or martial arts games with Son and had my Seven Up. Jenny wasn’t feeling well the whole day, and Phi, Jenny and me determined to leave at midnight.

Finally, the last two days I had a lot of fun and I want to thank all the persons, who were present the last days.


Cuckoo, Son and me