Today is my birthday

Today is Friday, the 13th of April. This is a very special day for me because I was born exactly 20 years ago.

Even before the day even started, I got the first congratulations and punctually at 0:00 clock I was called by Son and Giang, which also congratulate me.

After sleeping for a few more hours, Jenny, which prepared a whole plate of pancakes for me, woke me up in the morning. After I had eaten some pancakes, I went to the workplace. There I got to know a new employee, whom I had not seen before, and then I was allowed to go home again at 2 pm.

Giang, Tim, Omar and Son passed by in the afternoon. As a birthday present they gave me the game „The Werewolves of Millers Hollow“ which we played at a later date, and a helium-filled balloon. But first there was homemade pizza.

After our little supper, things really got down to business. Of course we had to test out the new game I got for free.

Short explanation: Werewolf is a board game, which is thematically about the fact that a small village is visited by werewolves. The group of citizens tries to unmask the wolves, who have disguised themselves as citizens. On the other hand, the wolves must try to be the only one to consider and eliminate the citizens.

The moderator for the game was Emil (one of my roommates). Since he had a lot of experience in this game, he was the perfect narrator for us.

We played many rounds. It was really exciting and a lot of fun. But since it was already late and you say that you should stop, when it is most beautiful, we said goodbye and went to sleep.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, because then the 2nd part of my birthday party takes place.


PS: If you wonder why I wear a crown in all the pictures, you can find out the background in this Giang article: „If you want to escape, you have to defeat the king.„.

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