Work and power failure

Since some interesting things have happened at my workplace today I would like to tell you something about it. The day started already with a small surprise. In our small startup we now have another student who spends her internship abroad in Belfast. However, because she lives in the same accommodation as me since three days, we didn’t saw us for the first time. After we get our tasks for the day, John left us for the rest of the day. Since we were now alone John left me his number, in case something unexpected happens.

Of course, then something had to happen … Suddenly my computer went out due to a power failure and I could not continue working.

„Good that John left me his number“ I thought at that moment. On the phone he told me then that I had to press a key on the electricity meter, so we would have electricity again. I did that and then I was able to continue working. But only for the next two hours, because then we had no electricity again. This time, the electricity meter had to be recharged with a code that could be bought at the gas station. Since we had no other choice, the new student and I went to the next store and bought a new prepaid card to recharge the electricity meter. We walked fast as the weather was very cold and rainy, but back at the office, we realized that the door was locked and we did not come in anymore. So we had to wait for John until he came back. Unfortunately John had forgotten his key inside as well, but he knew how to handle. He threw himself against the door a few times, until the lock broke out of the frame and then we were inside again.

The manner how John pushed against the door, made me feel that he had not forgotten the key for the first time.


Since I did not feel like going shopping in the evening and cooking something with it, I decided to go to an Asian restaurant with Jenny and Phi to have something to eat there. It was extremely delicious.