Our accommodation

Our wish for the internship abroad was to get the four of us into one accommodation. Fortunately this worked out. During our stay we live in 169 Ormeau Road. The accommodation offers seven double rooms, of which we occupy two. On the first floor there are two bathrooms, one with a shower and a small lounge with three couches and a TV. There is also a kitchen behind a fire door. The kitchen is quite spacious and offers a separate drawer for each resident. Also there are three refrigerators and two stoves. A dishwasher and a washing machine can also be found. A small Balcony is attached to the Kitchen where it is possible to smoke. On the second floor there are the first 3 double rooms of which I occupy one together with Florian. On the third floor there are 2 more bathrooms and another room. The fourth floor offers 3 more rooms. Since the beginning of the week, eight more people from Austria have arrived. Therefore all except one room are occupied.

Unfortunately the walls in the house are very thin and the floor creaks. With twelve persons living in it, this can become quite loud and is particularly annoying in the morning and in the evening. But I have been told that that’s a problem with all houses in Belfast. Also the kitchen is constantly crowded. Some things like a can opener are missing as well. However, the agency is trying hard to deliver them. The next weeks will show whether we all get along with each other. But I am happy that we got the rooms that have their own shower and toilet, that gives a little more privacy.

The accommodation will fulfill its purpose for the time I am here and I am quite pleased with it. I will be glad nevertheless if it becomes a little more empty again.

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