First workday

I was a bit nervous before the first workday. This was my first bus drive in Belfast exception the bus we took from the airport.
The day starts a bit later than a normal work day. I can stand up at 08:00 am and must start 10 am. I went at 08:40 am to the bus and looked how my bus ticket in the new bus system here worked. It is interesting that you get for your card a paper ticket from the bus driver. The change of the bus was also a problem for me, beforehand. But the wellington bus station is in the centre of Belfast at the welcome centre. All the buses are driving to this place, so you get to all places in Belfast from this place. I took the other bus to my company and searched the house.

I stood in front of a private house and I thought I was wrong. I called the company and he brought me in, it was one house next to the company. This house looks like a private or maybe like a garden house. I went inside through a sliding door. At my first work day I learned how the company is working and how the systems work.

Hopefully I can do more practical work at my company in the following days.

The work ended at 5 PM and the drive home took 40 minutes. I know one colleague, he lives one street away from my house and I talk to him for the next day and we took the same bus.
At the end of the day I and Dominik went to the Tesco supermarket and bought something to eat.

I am really happy with my colleagues, although I don’t understand my supervisor’s Irish accent.

The way to the work.
The way to the work.