Working Days at CAPITA

I am at Capita now for like a week and most of the time I repair HP and Dell Notebooks or Tablets.
Jeff my mentor told me so much about the hardware parts in the tablets and how to remove and reseat them in the right way, because I am not used no repair Tablets I didn´t really know where to start.
After some days I was quite good in repairing Tablets, the biggest problems with the built up again is that the hardware has so many screws and different ones.
The hardware parts come with different problems most of the time, like some of them have physical damage and some are just too old and the hard drive is faulty or other parts are faulty.
When we get a Laptop and we don’t now the fault we just run a diagnostics program that analyse and test the hardware parts in the laptop, after that we know which part is faulty and we start to fix it.
I already replaced a motherboard from a laptop with physical damage on the case and on the screen case,  I had to put the motherboard in a new laptop case.
The LCD screen had to be replaced and I had to put it on the new screen case which was quite difficult because off so many cables, even Jeff thought it was really hard.
In the end I could fix the whole laptop and test it with the diagnostic tools, everything was successful.