To be a shadow, to gather knowledge.

Day 5&6  05.-06.04.2018 Thursday&Friday


During the last two days I’ve been like a shadow to a person at the company to get a look at how their system works. My mentor was off on holiday this week.That’s why I’ve been in a different department (helpdesk. mobile devices). They gave me some tasks to help them out. For example to exchange a telephone cable, installing a tablet, troubleshooting the tablet software problems or preparing a workshop room for a conference. Most of the time was still about me getting to know their system while doing the tasks/ tickets. The staff was very open to any question I had. They took all the time needed to explain it to me whenever I needed a deeper explanation. Most of the systems look very similar to the systems I used in Germany. But their concepts are totally different.

I noticed that (for lunch) I can get pretty much everything at the company cafe for around 3.50 pound for a medium / large size lunch. There are also many variations possible.

At thursday I visited the “Harvey Norman Home Centre” to get some dishes and spoons/forks. If you guys ever have to stay at a shared accommodation make sure to put some money aside, so you can buy your own things if needed. Sometimes the things you will have at your home won’t be optimal.

I also looked for a gym [Dw Sports Fitness-Belfast] I could go to for my workouts, but they don’t offer any contracts that are limited for the duration of my stay. Instead they told me to sign a 6 months contract and show them that I won’t be in Belfast anymore after 2 months (that I’ll be going home to Germany). This would end my contract since I’d move my “home“. I am not sure if I should do that. They have a “sauna” and a swimming pool available for just “35” pounds per month. I’ll have to think about it.

At friday we had to leave our work earlier to go to the intern europe meeting. At the meeting they asked us about our accommodation and work placements.

Afterwards our “afib” group met at a home of our school mates. We ate dinner together and played video as well as card games while talking about our experiences,We also played different boardgames on our Tabletop simulators (a steam game), without the need, to possess the actual board game.

Schoolmates with me