New network design

Day 11&12 11.-12.04.18 Wednesday&Thursday


On Wednesday I had to design a part of the network topology with microsoft visio. At the end of my work experience they want me to have the whole network infrastructure map in visio so they can look at it. Today i tested some configurations at cisco switches and cisco asa [firewall] devices which will later roll out into the live systems. To understand each configuration I had to compare them to see the differences more clearly for myself. At the end of my working day I’ve looked into cisco prime with Richard to troubleshoot/ discover the problem which the customer had. We think it might be a “cache problem”.

In my spare time Juliano and Robert surprised me with a mutual cooking. So we cooked and ate in a group of 5 [Giang, Tim,Juliano, Robert, me]. We had a very good time because we talked about our problems and experiences which we had and gathered so far.


At Thursday Richard explained to me some “server tasks”, which a network admin has to keep in mind. He also gave me some tasks to prepare for the next upcoming projects, which we still have to finish. On that day I ran into a lot of problems which i had to troubleshoot to fulfill his tasks. I think i gained a lot knowledge about how their network/ permission policy works.

At the evening we [Jakob, Giang, me] walked to the Victoria Square to buy a birthday gift for Dominik (a schoolmate of mine) who’s birthday is the 13.04. Sadly not one of the stores had a “D&D Starter Set” (roleplaygame) available so we bought him a game with the name “werewolf”. I hope he likes it because we discussed a lot about what we were going to buy him as a present for his birthday.