Dominik’s birthday party Part I

Today was a special day. Not because it’s Friday the thirteenth, but because it’s Dominik’s birthday. After Lord Dome and I his loyal servant came home from work, we made our accommodation ready for his birthday party and Jenny prepared the homemade pizzas. We already bought the ingredients for the pizzas the day before. After an hour, Giang, Tim and Son arrived with Lord Dome’s birthday present and a birthday balloon.

The gift for Lord Dome was the card game The Werewolves of Millers Hollow, because Lord Dome wanted to play it with us. Since it took a while before the pizzas were ready, we all talked and Lord Dome played with his new balloon. But we musn‘t forget the most important thing, Lord Dome had to wear his crown, because today he was our King Dome. After the pizzas were done, we all ate together and the pizzas were really delicious. Then we played a lot of rounds of The Werewolves of Millers Hollow and had a lot of fun.

After the celebration was over, Lord Dome and I his loyal servant quickly made the accommodation clean and tidy. But it was also only the first part of Dominik’s birthday party, because tomorrow we will continue celebrating Lord Dome’s birthday.

Happy birthday Lord Dome!