Dominiks Birthday

Day 13 13.04.2018 Friday


At work my task was to upgrade several “cisco Asa (Asa,ASDM,Firepower)” with the help of “Xlight a ftp server” for upcoming projects. Before that I had to look at the configuration which i had to apply yesterday because there were a few problems which I had to troubleshoot first, before I could finish it now. While the asa updates got installed, Richard showed me how he troubleshoots a network problem. He teached me a little bit about “Wireshark”(a network sniffer/ analyser program). It’s pretty cool that you can filter everything out, what you want to analyse. On this day I worked most of the time alone, to upgrade the Cisco Asa and troubleshoot network problems. Some problems really gave me a headache because they weren’t as straightforward as I thought. So I had to look up a lot of things to gain more knowledge to solve them. About some things I also had to ask Richard. He explained to me the ways it works.

Today is Domeniks birthday, which means that we met him to celebrate. I think we had some self made pizza which was prepared by Jenny. Luckily we had a very large group so we could play werewolf without any problems. I think that it was a good idea to get the werewolf game as a present because we had lots of fun. Even one of their roomates from  joined us. We didn’t knew him before because he arrived 3 days ago.
Since he didn’t understood german (he is from Poland), we played the whole game in english. He was insanely good as the narrator. I had the feeling that he was used to playing games like this. I hope that we will play a round of werewolf with maximum number of players soon   (48 persons).

Dominik birthday
Group from behind
Dominik birthday