„The cinema has no boundary; it is a ribbon of dream.“

(quote from Orson Welles)

Monday 16th of April in 2018:

Like every day I start work at 9 a.m., my task for the following days is to collect pc issues. I got the chance to talk to nearly every member and get to know their names again. I think I can remember a lot of names now. It was easier at my first job because everyone had a name badge *grin*.
Jakob, Tim, Son and me had dinner outside. I wanted to have Fish and Chips‘ again because I enjoyed it much. I had at ‚Black Country Living Museum‘ in Dudley seven years ago. Sadly, today I didn’t bring enough money to buy one portion. Alternatively, I decided to have Texan Chips. This dish contains chips, Chilli con Carne and cheese.

Texan Chips and a large Hot Dog

While we had our dinner, we saw a dustbin pushing by the wind into the direction of the street. It looked quite dangerous for the car drivers. Later, a civil pushed the bin into a safer place.
We also saw a ‚Crime Stopper‘ car. This car (Land Rover Tangi) belongs to the Police Service of Northern Ireland. Son told me, they look similar to a car from the movie ‚Ghostbusters‘. I didn’t see the movie; you have to decide for yourself.
Son just wanted to take a picture, but I stopped him because it was bold and disrespectful to the policemen That’s why I asked them. Nevertheless, they allowed us to take a picture from behind.

a Crime Stopper

Tuesday 17th of April in 2018:
Today I helped a colleague with some pc issue. It makes me happy, to help somebody. I can’t explain it. I received an e-mail from Kelli, my supervisor:

„Hi Huong Giang,

I noticed you haven’t been attending tea break, I just wanted to confirm that you are free to take a tea break  for 20 minutes every day and also take a break for lunch.“

It was kind of funny. Let me tell why she could see me. When I want to go the break room, I have to leave the office on the 2nd floor. On the 1st floor, I have to pass through 3 doors. After the last door, I had to take the stairs down to the break room. And when I take the stairs, I can see my supervisor sitting at her table. She shares her office with four other staff members. Also, the office isn’t self-contained.The story reminds me of my old colleagues.

We had a visitor as well. It was Jonathan G., who is a senior IT professional for servers, networking at NewCMI. He had to move the old server onto the new one. It takes a little bit but just because of some Group Policy Objects, which weren’t activated, to have access to the network drivers. He also installed the test server on my PC, because the next task of mine would be to test the new server environment. I asked him questions about his career.
I think the new server environment is much better because it is Windows Server 2012 R2, it’s much faster than Windows Server 2008 R2 ^^‘, and it is familiar. In the first year of my apprenticeship, we had a seven-week seminar for Windows Server (2012 R2) by Mrs Teichmann, my instructor. (By the way, thank you, Mrs Teichmann.)
At half past four, I finished work and went to Tesco. I wanted to buy doughnuts filled with lemon curd. I saw them the last time but didn’t buy them. You only pay £0.65 for them. The dough was fluffy, and the filling wasn’t wholly my taste but still good. I think I have to try more food to review them 🙂

lemon doughnuts

Dominik, Jenny, Phi, Son and I went to a cinema named ‚Movie House Dublin‘ because today was movie night. Each ticket cost only £3.50. We watched ‚Ready Player One‘. It was a good movie. The screen of this cinema hall is smaller compared to the cinema hall in Germany. I could understand 80 percent of the language. Because it was late, we had dinner outside and went home.

Movie House Dublin Road
my ticket


-Huong Giang-