Small steps for the new network design

Day 18&19 18 – 19.04.2018 Wednesday&Thursday


Today I drew some network components in visio, because my supervisor wants to have a visuell plan from the rack first before he wants to buy the stuff. This way we can figure out if there is enough space for all the equipment. Also it is a good opportunity for me to document everything first. Afterwards I finished the powershell script that Paul gave me. This script is used to run in the server to clean up and delete all files which were not used for a long time (for example 100 days). It also has a command to list all things first before deleting it. I think it was one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever had in powershell.


At Thursday it felt like summer: Extreme hot and the sun was shining right into our office. This day I hadn’t to do so much at work because there were many problems in our infrastructure, caused by sccm (port 8530). The problem was that the windows clients updates used 99% of our network bandwidth. They had troubles with the download of the updates from the server but kept trying it again and again. This loop created so much network traffic that even our voice (telephone) packages were dropped. So everyone was busy with solving this today. My department manager had to create some acls (firewalls rules) to block it temporarily. The 2nd level support had to look for the reasons why the clients kept trying to get the updates. They told me that a windows server update caused the problem.

The only task they gave me today was to check my powershell script (which I had to write for our server ) and to prepare the network change for a site. I hope we will change it soon because I am very excited. I can’t wait to see the network of a site getting remapped or redesigned.

In the noon I cooked with Jakob and Giang noodles with a meatball and tomato sauce.