„The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.“

(quote from Ferdinand Foch)
For a chance, this blog entry isn’t long 😀

Wednesday 18th of April in 2018:

This morning I could sleep until half past seven. It was great. It is less tiring not to be sleepy the whole day.
At work, I finished the report about the computer issues in the company. Jonny was at volunteer now again. We talked about the new thin clients ‚Dell Wyse Terminal‘, which only have a CPU and RAM and no hard drives. Often they established in companies, who are sharing their computing on a server or server farm. They are cheaper and easier to update. Honestly, I was impressed because I have never seen them before. Currently, we are changing the clients pc and moving to the new server.

Dell Wyse Terminal (a thin client)

After my tea break, I attended a session named ‚fire awareness training‘. The instructor was friendly, and he explained quite good. Sadly, I couldn’t understand that well, because my understanding comprehensions in the English language isn’t well. Sometimes they speak a little bit to fast. I still have a ways to go. Like it says, the topic was about prevention, source and control of fire. It was fascinating.

 One hour until my lunch break, I set up an account for a thin client and connected those to the server. Unfortunately, an error occurred: ‚RD broker failed again‘, so the next step is to troubleshoot. Pinging is always the first step. In the end, the host address was wrongly spelt, when we configured the new connection. The lesson of this, check the name or numbers first before configuring anything 🙂 In the evening Tim, Son, Jakob and me had spicy Curry with rice. I started to miss my mother’s homecooked meals.

Thursday 19th of April in 2018:

This morning, I finished my report. I used to write a lot, but it doesn’t bother me, because I like writing. At 10 a.m. I attended a meeting, which took about two hours and 45 minutes, about changing the company’s website. A developer was there as well.
We started to write down the ideas, collect them and sort them out. I have never been in a meeting, but it was difficult for me because I was sleepy today. I got the next task to set up a thin client for my colleague and went on with my other work as well.
At home, I did my laundry and continued writing my blog entries. At Tesco, Son wanted to take a picture of me next to the large crips bag. But I recognise his intention. He tried to make fun of because I am not that tall. Next was having dinner with Jakob, Son and me: Delicious pasta with meatballs. With a full stomach, I decided to write some postcards. Overall I wrote 20 letters. It has been a long time since I wrote that much manually instead of with a keyboard.

pasta with meatballs …. yummy
all postcards, which are supposed to be sent

-Huong Giang-