Work work work work work!

On Wednesday the 11th of April in 2018 I started my day with Cornflakes and after my breakfast I gone to the work. I have to do a new layout for the website about „WordPress“ I searched for a good theme and found one. The first step for the new layout is to do the front page and this sould be a „one-single-page“. After my work I gone at home.On the way at home I met Dominik and Phi in the „Tesco Express“ and they told me they want eat to the dinner German pork steak with breading with potatos and „sauce hollandaise“.In German we call this „Schnitzel“. But the problem was I never cooked before „sauce hollandaise“ by myself. But at the end the sauce tasted good.

On Thursday the 12th of April in 2018, on this day I had homework. I did the same what I had to do on the work. In this time I used the chance to wash my clothes. The Website looks from day to day better. After my work cames Dominik and Phi from the work at home and we talked a bit about our day. Later I gone to the bed.


On Friday the 13th of April in 2018 I stand realy early up, because it was Dominiks birthday and i wanted to suprise him with pancakes for breakfast. On this day I had again homework and I tryed to write a script for remember datas like e-mail name and more. Around 5 pm, the others came for Dominik’s little celebration. I did in this time the dough for pizza. And in the evening I started to be sick with sore throat. My feeling was realy bad and I gone to the bed.