I love the delivery service

On Monday the 23th of April in 2018 I stand up at 7.30am o´clock. I bought my breakfast in „Tesco Express“ it was a „Meal Deal“ for 3 pfound and you can take a main, snack and drink. After the shopping i went to my work place.

I continue my work with „WordPress“. I tryed to do a „read more“ button and when you click on this has to open a popup window. But it was not working and did maked me sad. For my lunch I ate a burrito and talked with a unknow man he was really friendly. After my lunch I continued my work with the button but it was not working. After my work I went at home sad, because the button not still working. 🙁 At home I thinked about my dinner, but I had no idea. So I went to „Tesco Express“ to watch what I could eat. I chose a ready meal „Maccaroni and Cheese“. It tasted better than expected. After my dinner I tryed to sleep. I was still sad about the button. I thinked about how I could solve the problem. And at some point I fell asleep. But at 2am suddenly I waked up and I had the solve for my problem.


On Tuesday the 24th of April in 2018 I standed up and was happy, because I believed I have the solve for my problem. So I went to my work and started fast my work. I checked and tryed and at the end it was working. I was so happy about this and proud for myself because I dont gave up. After my work I went at home. When I got home, I was looking forward to my pizza. It was a pizza with 4 cheese sorts. And I cut for this pizza mushrooms, garlic and german salami. But as I tryed to take my pizza from the oven, I burnt my hand and dropped the pizza in fright. Now I was hungry and sad. But I found a solution, because I found the delivery service. I ordered with Phi and Dominik Jumbo Hot Dogs, fries, baked mushrooms, a burger and gravy sauce. It was not really healthy but tasty. After my dinnger I got to the bed.


On Wednesday the 25th of April in 2018 I went to the work like evry day and start with my work. While I was working I ate my sandwich with smoked ham and cheese. In my lunch time I went with two colleagues James and Matthias to subyway and after subway we got to a candy shop. I bought to lollis with bubble gum and tutti frutti flavour. After few hours my „WordPress“ on the virtual machine was broken again. But this time I know the reason. After evry IP chance, „WordPress“ will not working anymore. So I decided to do the new site on my own webserver with a pubic ip and a domain there it is static. After my work I went back at home and tryed to eat the same pizza like Tuesday. And I did it. The pizza tasted great.