Our trip to the capital city of Ireland

Once again it started today in the early morning. Jenny, Phi and I walked to the bus station to meet with the others there and then take an express bus to Dublin. The journey took about 2 hours and we paid 17 pounds per person.
When we arrived in Dublin around noon, we left immediately and were hit in the business district directly by some imposing buildings.

First, we visited the Trinity College, which is characterized by old buildings and a large campus.
Now that we had the early afternoon, we split up to have something to eat. We opted for a snack. I grabbed a burger, which was delicious, but I found it far too small for the price I paid.

Halfway strengthened, we did a little shopping tour to grab a few gifts. Some of us bought some T-shirts and pullovers, unfortunately I did not find anything I liked.

In the evening we went to the Guinness Storehouse, but the queue was so long that we did not manage to get in there.

Before we went back to Belfast, we visited the National Museum of Ireland and the Science Gallery. After that we ate something at Nandos and then took the bus back.


For me personally, the trip to Dublin was worth it. It was nice to be traveling in a bigger city again.