Belfast Zoological Gardens

Day 29 29.04.2018 Sonntag


On Sunday we’ve visited the Belfast Zoo. If you ever want to visit it as a student make sure to bring your student ID with you. Because of a discount you’ll have to pay only 6 pounds instead of 13. The day was very sunny and warm. So we the chance was quite big to see a lot of animals outside of their hiding places. At the zoo you can find a lot of different types of animals, for example mammals, amphibians, birds, invertebrates, reptiles and native species. You only have to consider that you’ll have to walk uphill to get to the zoo and that you’ll also have to walk a lot to get a look at all animals. I think I liked the meerkats the most because they look like little humans when they are standing up.

Make sure to bring some food for yourself because it’s very expensive to buy something to eat at the zoo. For example: I’ve bought a hotdog for 6 pounds. It contained only the sausage and the bread and that’s it. No cucumber, onions or sauce. It also took very long (like 25 minutes) to get the food (and there were only 8  people in front of us). Sadly we didn’t saw any lions because the enclosures were empty.

Ofcourse you are not allowed to touch the animals and most of the time you are rather far away from them.

After visiting the zoo we went to “Gaze”, a chinese restaurant where we had very good udon noodles. Giang and I wanted to take the bus back home because we had a day ticket but unluckily the bus passed us. I think that you have to be in the bus station and give the driver a sign that you want to enter the bus.