My working week

Since I can not write too much about my work, I will now summarize what I’ve done the last few days there.

As I wrote in another blog entry, I am in the process of creating a website that supports WordPress. I had to adjust some functions manually, because the plugins of WordPress with the theme of the website was not fully compatible.

Furthermore, I use PHP to write my own event management plugin, which I adapt to the needs of the company. To save the accumulated data, I first thought about what data I need to collect and store. Then I created a suitable database concept and then put it into action. Unfortunately, in the following days, I had to change a little thing every now and then, as my supervisor arrives with new wishes.


On Friday evening we met Mr. Schlenger, our English teacher, at the Laverys. We talked about the experiences and impressions that we have received so far. Then we played a few round billiards and then went home.