Return to Germany!

It is now Wednesday evening. My suitcase has already been packed by Giang and I’m almost ready for departure. Actually, I wanted to go to bed already around 10:00 pm. But since we stayed in the living room for a long time and spent our last evening together, I decided not to sleep. Around 01:00 clock in the morning I went out again with Son. Since the last few days have always been very warm, the temperature outside was very pleasant. We talked a lot about the past eight weeks.


At 03:45 am came our taxi, which drove us to the bus station. Then we took the bus, which took us to the airport. Since I assumed that I could buy a ticket by credit card either on the bus or at the bus station, I had already spent all my cash. Unfortunately, you could only pay with cash. So I had to run within a few minutes to the nearest ATM, which was relatively far away. I barely managed to run back before the bus started.

Arrived at the airport, there were already the next problems. My bag was too heavy. Fortunately, I was able to take a second piece of hand luggage, in which we filled in the remaining things. So none of us had to pay.

The flight went pretty fast, I tried to get some sleep, but it stayed with the try.

When we arrived back in Berlin, I was picked up by my father, who drove me home.

For me, the last two months have been a great time. For that I would like to thank everyone who made this great time possible for me.