Half the time is over

My week already started exciting. Since we had clarified the move of Giang and Son together with Interneurope late at night, today they moved in with us in the apartment. Jenny and I went to Giang and Son right after work to help pack them up. After everything was stowed in the suitcases, we took a taxi and drove to our accommodation.

Apart from the fact that we are now 5 Afib’ler in the house passed the week relatively normal. At work, I continued to work on the website, where I created a backup concept for the database and the web data. At home, we cooked and ate delicious dishes together and in the evening we mostly played cards or watched a movie.

On Saturday we met in the city to play Agent X. The game is about having a randomly chosen person, also called Agent X, flee from the other players. To help, each player receives a card that reveals the location of all players every 2 minutes. Furthermore, even items with special effects can be used.

Overall, we played three rounds, with Phi first, then me, and lastly Giang Agent X. Only Giang managed to escape from us for 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the app was not completely error-free, so the positions were not always right.

It was still a lot of fun, maybe we’ll play it again on another weekend.