My first time cooking

After I came back from work, I had to go outside again, because I was cooking today and needed some ingredients. Honestly, I can not cook at all and apart from the fact that I’ve been warming up a few things so far, I have not cooked anything yet. Anyway, today my ‚dear with apprentices’ has forced me to cook samosas. For those who do not know samosas, they are stuffed dumplings, originally from India.

Back from my little shopping trip, I started to knead the dough full of motivation and then I rolled them out with a bottle (yep, we have no rolling pin). After the dough was rolled out, I prepared the fillings. The first filling was minced meat, with potatoes and peas. The second filling was made from even more potatoes and peas and a special secret ingredient. Unfortunately, I had not prepared any lemon juice and Son said that we should take the sweet lime concentrate that we normally use for our drinks. In hindsight, this turned out to be a good decision.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent so much time preparing the stuffing for the samosas that the rolled out dough has already hardened. In the end, Son and I finally managed to make small dumplings.

Now, the samosas only had to be fried and they were ready to eat after a good 5 hours of cooking.
The evaluation of my with apprentices was definitely very interesting. I think they liked the dough am most. 😉