An Adventure Begins

The day is getting closer weren’t my words 1 week ago. And now we are starting. I was nervous because of the journey and my bag was big. Do I have everything, is the cooker turned off, all these thoughts coming to my head.

The first day started with the last tasks at home and preparations for the travel. I packed my bag and my backpack. Then I took the train to come to the airport Berlin Schönefeld. I met all the other guys from my class and we checked in together. The flight was nice, but the space on the airplane was insufficient. There was no legroom.

At the airport I was a bit surprised, as I saw my bag was damaged by Ryanair. Inside, one bottle from my shower gel cracked and the gel was in the whole wash bag. And the bag is damaged from the outside as well.

Then we searched for an exchange point and the bus, because we were not aware of the bus connection. The bus tour was 40 minutes long. The bags didn’t want to stand straight in the bus and we had to stand in front of them and held on.


We took the bus to the Europe Bus Centre and met a woman from Intern Europe. He brought us to taxis and we were driving to our homes. 20 Minutes later he came to us and gave us the key and an introduction to the house. I am by the way with Dominik M. in a room. Now we met the other people in the house.


Afterwards we got a short break we were ready to go shopping. The fridge was empty. We shopped at Tesco and went then, at the end of the day, to Dominik and Konrad to relax and talk about the houses.
fußstraßeAll in all it was a nice first day and I am looking positively forward to the 8 weeks.

Best regards