The Second Day in Ireland and the first night. The house near to a big street is not normal for me. So the night was a bit difficult. It’s not possible to sleep longer, but that’s OK.

At first Dominik and I went to a gym to do some sport. And we wanted to make a contract with the gym, but the first gym was too expensive. We looked for another one and found a good gym with a swimming pool inside of the studio. At 10:30 am we met Dominik and Konrad to go together to the agency for the first meeting in Ireland. The meeting started at 11 am. We signed the Terms and Conditions for the Accommodation and the home rules.


After we were done, one woman from the Intern Europe team led us to an exchange point and to the Belfast welcome centre. At the welcome centre we bought us the Bus and Train Tickets. For me was it 61 £ for a full bus ticket in Belfast. This is really expensive for me. After we bought the tickets, the woman from Intern Europe left us and we went home from the centre to our houses.

welcome center

After we came home, we wanted to go to the gym and made there our contracts with slight problems because the online formulae does not fit with the German bank number and the German phone number. But a solution was quickly found, we payed cash. The gym was nice a lot of trainers and not so many people are in the gym, like in Berlin.

In the evening we went to Dominik and Konrad to relax one more time and talk about the first real day in Belfast.

I think the number of steps speak more than 1000 words, 24241 steps were taken this day.

Best regards