The Weekend

My weekend was really good but I had a to struggle with coughing for like 3 days, so I spend my weekend at home only on Saturday I was in the city with a friend to get a Coffee.
But I also had some work to do at Saturday, at 1pm some guy knocked on my door called Harry.
A first I thought some of our house mates knocked on or door but it was a craftsman because René and I wrote an e-mail to the Helpline from Intern Europe about a damaged closet and a commode.

I let the craftsman in and he told me that he has a new closet and commode for us and that he wanted to build that up, I offered a helping hand and he was very glad about that.
We took the new furniture in and started to wreck the old furniture in our room, and then we built up the new commode that took us about 40-50 minutes.
After the commode was finished we started to build up the closet and that took us less effort than the commode. Everything was done and we took the old furniture out and I hoovered the room.

At 3pm I had to be in City for a Coffee with my friend and I was in a hurry so I took the bus,
I was there at 3:30pm and we had a nice coffee and a good conversation.
The Coffee was done so we went to the Victoria Square and she looked for some clothes and we just walked down the Square.
Both of us were really tired so we went to the bus station and drove home, she took me to her house to show me where she lives and then I went home.
It was only a 10 min walk because she lives in the next street so not far away.