Week 2 – Game Over

My weekend was rather unexciting, so this article will be quite short.

On Saturday we first planned to go to the zoo, but because the weather was not looking well we spontaneously changed our plans and went to the Belfast City Center. It was really interesting to see what it looks like on the inside. There was much marble used and it all looked very shiny and noble.

IMG_20170520_151327  IMG_20170520_150244 IMG_20170520_152900

In the afternoon we went around to the harbor for a while to enjoy the sunny weather. Then we went home and prepared our dinner. This time we had a delicious pack of meat we got from the St- Georges Market. We ate together in our group and it felt a little like family. Later on we watched a movie and went back each to our homes. It was a very walk-intense day. I made about 18km, which is way more than I normally do in a week.

My Sunday was even more boring, because I did not want to go anywhere and thus stayed home the whole day. I know I should do more and make use of the time being here, but somehow I didn’t feel like it. Now i regret it a little bit, but that doesn’t help me anymore 😛

Another week ends, and there are just 6 weeks left. Some might not agree and say that every week that ends is another week closer to getting home, but I personally like it here. Well, that’s the way it is, hopefully it will remain as exciting as the first two weeks here.