First day of work

Day 4 04.04.2018 Wednesday


My first day of work started at 10:00 am. On my way I have met a colleague of mine, who also had his first work day at agnewcars. We both walked together to the store. It took us about 20 minutes. When we arrived we asked the secretary to call our contact person named “Nigel Skilling” but unfortunately he is not in this day. Therefore we’ve been introduced to a staff member from our IT Team. He answered all our questions like: Do we have to bring our laptops with us, how many hours do we work and when ( from 9:00 till 17:00). After answering our questions he took us for a tour around the company so that we could get to know everything and get a look at all the important branches and stores, for which we will be working. A few of them were really exclusive stores like the “Porsche Centre Belfast”. I’ve never seen so many luxurious cars at one spot and this filiale was pretty impressive as well. At each store he also showed us the network devices and how the layout of each branch is like. For example: in front of the stores you can see some cars and if you enter the store you will see some new cars and the reception. Each branch also has some local admins, sales staff and support for different departments. He also showed us the car workshop of the company where the cars get fixed or where they verify when where are problems with a car..

At the evening we ate some lunch at their internal company cafe. The food was very delicious and the cafe very close to the store. Afterwards he showed us the rest of the stores.

During our tour we also finished some tickets like troubleshooting why a “cisco voice over IP telephone doesn’t work” or implement a new “cisco VoIP telephone” for a user. We also delivered a monitor for a “laptop docking station”. All in all I’m very impressed with the company and their future upcoming IT plans . I think it’s going to be a very challenging placement but a really good chance for me to improve myself.

In the afternoon we (Tim, Giang and me) had dinner together as always.


P.S. I’d never thought that I could be so fascinated by cars.