Exploring Belfast

Day 7 07.04.18 Saturday


This day we got up a little bit later because we wanted to start the day slowly. Me and Giang mixed ourselves a milkshake with fresh fruits to get some vitamins. After the shake we went to the queens university and discovered (as we’ve already guessed) that we are able receive the wifi SSID “Eduroam” there. Its kinda funny because we all worked at the networking team at “Freie Universität Berlin” which provided the network infrastructure “Eduroam” for the students and the Professor at the campus back then.

Our next stop was the city hall, where we also met the rest of our group. At the city hall you can learn something about the history of Belfast. It is also positioned at the centre, so you can use it as a good orientation point, in case you get lost. Nearby to the city hall you will find the large “Victoria Square”. It is a large city mall where you can buy a lot of things. If you want to compare it with Berlin it’s around the size of the “alexa”. The cool thing about the “Victoria Square” is that the building itself is half open. Therefore the mall doesn’t have an entry door and the street leeds right into it. The main stores are covered with a glass roof in the shape of a circle. I think that it is probably very cold at winter? Outside of the hall was a musician who sang different songs.

We found a poundland where you can get almost everything for just 1 pound. So this is the store to go to, if you need any dishes, knifes or other things-

As always at the end of the day we cooked, ate and played together at one of our accommodations.


team ZEDAT *insider*
City hall
Long live the King without crown 😀
Victoria Square roof. Giang took the picture.