Start of the second week

After a relaxed weekend, the work called. As always, I had breakfast in the morning and made me something to eat for my way to work. Arrived at work I had to wait outside the door because no one was there. About 10 minutes later, Keith arrived in his car. He had quickly bought something to eat for him.

After the coffee and tea was finished cooking, I immediately started to work. I created and designed on the basis of a template the frontend of a website for a customer. Graham arrived a few hours later because he had a meeting with a customer. Graham had more meetings with clients today and took me along to them. The first customer was a dentist and was located outside Belfast. So we drove with Graham’s car on the highway towards Belfast International Airport. At the first customer arrived we were greeted friendly and got down to work. The first task was to install another server to make the network of the doctor’s office more redundant and the other task was to upgrade the hardware components of the current server and a laptop. After we installed and tested everything, we made our way to the northern part of Belfast, because there was the meeting with the second customer.

I was able to use the drive there as a sightseeing tour and Graham showed me some interesting places. But there was a problem, there was a huge traffic jam on many roads and we made slow progress. On the way to the second customer I made acquaintance with the Peace Wall of Belfast. When we arrived at the second customer, we had to solve a problem with her laptop. It was a simple task. The problem was that she forgot her password and we solved it out of goodwill. We then drove back to our workplace and the workday was over.

For dinner, Dominik, Jenny and I ate at an asian restaurant in our area. I had Yaki Ramen and it was really delicious.