Sunshine, ice cream and parks

Friday 20th of April in 2018 I did homework again , because I had to fix the problem with the webserver. But I could not found the error. After 3 hours for searching the erorr I decided to do install the webserver by new. I was happy about my dokumentation from the website so I could did the same. I had worked through until 5pm o’clock withour break. As I was done with the website I went to a liquid shop to by new liquid for my e-cigarette and the man ins this shop sayed to me that my english is well and he had no idea that I´m from a diffrent country.He thinked that I comes from here.

On this day Giang asked for e meeting in the „Botanic Gardens“ and Dominik, Phi, Son and me sayed yes to this idea from Giang because we had a great weather. So we met us at 6pm and for the first we saw a ice cream car and we bought a ice cream. I bought a ice cream with bubble gum flavour.













After visited the park we was searchig for a resturant. I sayed evrytime I dont want to eat asian food and the end of the story we ate asian food.

Saturday the 21th of April in 2018 we visited the Giants Causeway. For more information pls visit the another contribution Giants Causeway because I wrote a own contribution for this trip.