“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

(quote from Henry James)

22nd of April in 2018:

Sunday is usually for having a good night’s rest. I get up at half-past nine, because of my alarm. Today I intended to visit Ulster Museum, which locates next to the Botanic Gardens, at eleven a.m. with Dome, Son, Phi, Jenny and Giuliano.

The admission was free. The museum has a ground floor and three floors. The interior design is modern comparing to the outside, which looks different. Its exhibit varies from art, history of people of the north of Ireland from earliest times to the present day to natural science. They even have discovery zones, where children can be interactive.
I saw an ancient Egyptian mummy, dinosaurs, lots of paintings, minerals and much more. Even the HBO TV series ‚Game of Thrones‘ established to be part of Ulster Museum in the form of an 80 metres long, huge Bayeux style tapestry. Of course, not everything is presented just the infamous events from Season 1 to 7. So you don’t need to be afraid to be spoilered.
Son took a 12-minute video from the tapestry. To discover everything, we stayed in the museum for about 2.5 hours.

a boat, which was used for rice trade
Dome and Phi‘ new job … an archaeologist! Assembling g a skull.




Then we went for Afternoon Tea at ‚Patisserie Valerie‘. Or how do I called it ‚Afternoon Tea with King Dome‘. Since the beginning of this week, I looked forward to having Afternoon Tea. For a tea lover like me, it was the best idea I’ve ever had. Usually, it costs £25, but we had a voucher, where we only paid £19. My ‚escort‘ was King Dome himself *snicker* We had an etagere, which contains savouries, scones and patisseries (small cake pieces), tea, milk, jam and clotted cream. It was very delicious. I would say, there is a great philosophy behind it.But this shouldn’t be an article about Afternoon Tea. If you are interested, please do some research for yourself. I also found some excellent articles about it:
History of Afternoon Tea
But they also distinguish Afternoon Tea from High Tea.
Afternoon Tea vs Royal Tea
In conclusion, the Afternoon Tea was incredible.

 Later on, we went to Marks & Spencer. It is a retailer, who sells clothes but also food. Son and Phi are looking for a flapjack since the first day. This bar was part of our welcome package from InternEurope. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful. We went to Poundland and KFC to wait for Tim. He wanted to join the dinner invitation from Jenny, Dome and Phi. Our dinner was homecooked ‚Paprikahuhn‘. Because I was tired, I decided to went home early. I only cleaned my room, wrote some blog entries, but couldn’t upload them because we didn’t have storage space for pictures left, and went to sleep.

-Huong Giang-