Ulster museum and drinking tee

Day 22 22.04.2018 Sunday


At sunday the 22nd of April we visited the Ulster National Museum. The Ulster Museum tells the unique human story of this part of Ireland and their collections have a variety of topics like art, history and natural science. The admission to the museum is free but you can donate money to support them. I think that a visit at the museum is definitely worth 5 – 10 pounds because you can see a lot of cool stuff in there. Visitors have access to 3 floors with exhibitions. One of the most amazing exhibition pieces you can see at the very start but only if you look up, because there are 2 dragons hanging from the ceiling. I will post some pictures of them for you. They look very amazing. I don’t know if this was only a temporary thing or if it’s part of the permanent exhibitions in there but we also saw a Game of Thrones tapestry, which is 77 meters long. If you want to record it in a video it would take you about 9 minutes. It really takes a while to take in every detail of the tapestry because it tells the whole released game of thrones story. Each week they also add a new piece to it. If you didn’t watch game of thrones yet it might spoiler a lot. In the Ulster museum you also can see a lot of fine minerals, stones and fossils. There a bunch of stuffed animals as well like a husky and a fox. In the art department is a lot of glass and ceramics pieces, as well as furniture and  irish crafted wood. The history collection covers the span of human history on the irish island. From this part you can learn a lot about the irish culture. Unlucky for me, I didn’t saw “The canon John Grainger collection” which is supposed to include a samurai armor. I think I’ll go to the museum again to look at the parts of the exhibition for which I didn’t had time left to look at, for example some of the paintings. We’ve spent 2,5 hours at the museum but time wasn’t enough and some parts we’ve simply missed, because we didn’t realise they were there. One of the benefits of living in the university area is that the Ulster museum is only a footwalk of 10-15 minutes away from my accomodation.


After the Ulster museum we visited the “Patisserie Valerie” a continental cafe. 4 of us had a voucher for the afternoon tea menu. Phi and I didn’t had one because we were not interested in cakes and sweet things in general. Instead of this we ordered a BLT sandwich and a drink. The afternoon tea was very relaxed and delicious. Later I’ve tried to go to “Marks & Spencer” to find some flapjacks (the ones Intern Europe provided us with) but I couldn’t find any. Afterwards we headed to a accommodation of a colleague of mine and to cook together some paprika chicken and share our experiences.