„There are some things you can’t get back, like words after they’re said and time once it’s gone.“

(quote from unknown)

23th of April – 27th of April in 2018:

Just a summary, because there isn’t enough content to write.
My week is nearly over. The weekend is left …

At work, I checked some laptops and data projectors and attended about five meetings.
One was about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) because on the 25th of May in 2018, the new EU GDPR enter to force, and we discussed what kind of consequences will happen and what kind of changes we have to do.
One meeting was about the new CRM system. After that, I got a more significant task to do. To prepare for the new system, I have to edit the format of the contact list from volunteer now. I got one MS Excel sheet, which has about 600 lines. ^^‘ My colleagues recognise that I work quite fast and keep asking for more tasks *snicker*. This time they had to say that it isn’t essential to finishing this week. (This happened on Thursday.) *grin*
Three of them were about telephone systems because the company wants to change soon. Currently, the one isn’t that well for everyone. The contract was from five years ago.
I was afraid of not understanding the extern staff members, who visited ‚volunteer now‘ and introduced us their offer because I have to take notes and write a comparison. But it wasn’t that difficult to understand. Even a staff member from ‚Clarity Telecom‘ complimented me for my English. He thought I am from Sweden. I was very grateful, and happy for this feedback because since middle school I didn’t like English anymore. Back then, I just got low grades in English, and it discouraged me. But now, I think I improve my English little by little every day. That keeps me motivated.
We have a new colleague. And the most surprising was that she is from Germany too.
Also, I sent all my postcards out, in the end, they were 20 pieces. And I even got replied from my friends via WhatsApp. 😀
The evening was general. I had dinner with Tim and Son, and Jakob joined us sometimes. We tried different meals like Hamburger, Kumpir, which wasn’t successful, Pasta or chicken thighs with vegetable, baked in the oven.
Unfortunately, I can’t have a typical week. On Thursday I made the most foolish mistake in my life. During the transfer from my phone, which I use for taking pictures, to my PC I deleted them! Why, Giang? I was despondent and angry at myself. I can’t get them back. I just got the other half of the pictures. The one, where we had Afternoon Tea, were deleted. But these were my most favourite ones. Son tried to help me, but nothing worked. This moment was the first time in my life, where I hated myself for my fast working habit.
In the end, I have to appreciate that moment with my memories.
On Friday after work, we met Mr Schlenger, who is our English teacher at the school, at Lavery’s Bar. We talked about our experiences here and enjoyed some drinks. Later Son and Dominik played billiard. I went home because I was tired. I am looking forward to tomorrows trip to Dublin.
By the way, I had an Orea milkshake after dinner. It was quite delicious.

-Huong Giang-