We visited Dublin

At Saturday the 28th of April in 2018 I had early to stand up, because we had the met us at 9.40am at the Europea bus centre station. Our bus was starting at 9.00am. We drove 2 hours from Belfast to Dublin.

As we arrived Dublin, we thinked about where we go for the first. We decided us for the

Trinity College Dublin“. The campus from this college looked so great. It rembered me on the „Freie Universität Berlin“. After the college we went to the Dubiln castle but on the way we had a small stop in a comic book shop. Then we continued our way. But the castle was not spectacular in comparison to that in albania. After this we was watching for something to eat for our lunch. We ate by „Abra Kebabra“ it was not so tasty. We visited two museums (National Museum of Ireland and Art Museum of fake) and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I would like to go in but it was too expensive. After all of this we went to the temple bar dublin. It was a long street with pubs and resturants. We ate in a African resturant it was very tasty. At 8.00pm we taked the bus back to Belfast. And as Dominik, Phi and me arrived our accomodation we was suprised, because our room mates from poland had a lot friends there by us and was really loud. For the first time I was really friendly and sayed to them they have to be quiet, because I would like to sleep. The seccond time I was really mad because I hate it when I must repeat me. So I threw out all those who did not live in the accommodation. After this they called me „Nazi“ But I’m not that kind of thing. After this action from me, it was really quit and I could sleep.