New project | new accommodation | half time

Day 30&31 30.04-01.05.2018 Monday&Tuesday


On Monday I’ve prepared the wireless access points for the new project. I’ve documented their specifications and installed them. Afterwards, my department manager showed me how to backup an exchange server and explained to me the things you’ll have to consider when doing so while your company is in operation. We also had to go to one site to create nat and ACLs rules on a router for the CCTV.

Since Giang and I weren’t happy with our accommodation, we’ve asked Intern Europe, if we could move into the house of our classmates, which had a few empty beds left. We wanted to move because where were a few problems with our house: many things were broken and there was mould in the bathroom as well as in our room. The living situation just wasn’t running well. The accommodation of our schoolmates was a lot better than ours so Intern Europe allowed us to move. We chose to move instantly, so we’ve grabbed our belongings as soon as we were allowed to. „New project | new accommodation | half time“ weiterlesen

Being sick sucks

The last week started pretty good for me on work i had something to do again and i had some good workouts at the gym. On wednesday we went to the Parlour for some beers but stayed really long because they started an Bingo evening which was quite funny the bad thing is i caught a cold that evening and had to spend the weekend at home while the others went to Dublin. It was still a quite good weekend since i didn’t spent that much time with video games for a long time and had some good chats with our flatmates.